Security Services
Security Services
We, the G2 TechWiz team ensure that our customers are privileged with customized security services. Increasing usage of e-commerce, presence of vital information in the servers, occurance of more and more security threats have made more stringent security services and continuous monitoring a vital necessity. This business necessity is taken care of by our team. Be it small or big business enterprises, our undivided dedication and attention provides security solutions large or small to ensure efficient protection.

Security Services involves:
  • Network Monitoring.
  • Network Audits.
  • Applying Security patches to Application and Servers to keep it Secure and Stable.
  • Maintaining the Firewall and Gateway servers.
  • Maintaining the Antivirus Servers to keep the network safe and free from virus and spy wares.
Our team helps our customers across the globe to create, deploy and maintain a safe IT infrastructure for Web hosting service providers cost effectively!

Integrated identity management provided by us ensures that the multiple user identities across various systems and applications are managed skillfully. The identity management services that we provide includes authentication management, role based access control and user administration. We ensure protection against damage of data and information assets. Our team also counters threats that adversely affect operations and ensures minimization of danger, which results from the system security vulnerability.

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