Server Administration
Server Administration
Server Administration involves the administration of server hardware, line of business applications, and associated network connectivity throughout their lifecycle, including initial deployment, delivery of software, ongoing maintenance and support, and retirement. Server administration includes:
  • Patch Management – updating the software regularly with Security and bug fix.
  • Unlimited Remote Support - managing the server remotely.
  • Service Availability Monitoring - monitoring the specific services available all time.
  • Spyware Detection And Removal - scanning and removing the Virus and Trojans.
  • Backup Monitoring- maintaining regular backup on time and ensure its taken well.
  • Event Log Monitoring - analyzing the event that happened in the server by checking the logs.
  • Drive Space Monitoring - monitoring the Disk Drives and Storage Medias to ensure its run out of space.
  • Virus Definition and Prevention - updating the Antivirus System regularly.

With the help of our G2 techwiz team, our clients can manage Windows / Solaris / Linux / UNIX servers efficiently. Our team, remotely

  • Installs web servers and web administration Interface and packages.
  • Installs, configures and maintains mail servers, databases like My SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, etc, web servers like Apache, IIS, and I Planet and Proxy servers, FTP and NFS servers, etc.
  • Configures and implements server administration tools.
  • Monitors server services, processes, load balancing and memory usage.
  • Enhances consistent and continuous running of servers.
and resolves problems that arise, remotely. Performance tuning of services are ensured by the qualified and smart professionals of the G2 techwiz team. We remotely execute every intricate task assigned by our customers.
 Goodwork guys, you are very responsive and pro-active.You have cut down my work load."

System Engineer of a leading software companyin the USA